This Code of Conduct (‘Code’) of the GEF CSO Network applies to:

  • Chair and Vice Chair of the Network.
  • Regional Focal Points (RFPs) or their representatives.
  • Indigenous Peoples  Focal Points
  • Other members of the Coordination Committee.
  • Country Contact Points
  • Other representatives or officials of the Network.
  • Secretariat of the Network

All the above groups shall comply with the spirit and letter of this Code of Conduct.  The Coordination Committee of the GEF CSO Network shall oversee compliance of the Code of Conduct.

The Chair, Vice Chair, RFPs, Indigenous Peoples’ Focal Points, other members of the Coordination Committee and other representatives or officials of the Network shall:

1.1       Work in line with the Vision and Strategy of the GEF CSO Network to ensure compliance with the common objectives of the GEF and the GEF CSO Network constituency.

1.2       Maintain the integrity of the GEF CSO Network by ensuring that there is neither conflict of interest nor personal gain.

1.3       Participate in the election of the Chair through the processes outlined in the GEF CSO Rules.

1.4       The members of the Coordination Committee of the GEF CSO Network shall:

(i)       Demonstrate leadership, integrity and good judgments based on fairness, accountability, responsibility and transparency.

(ii)       Perform their duties prudently and participate in the Coordination Committee deliberations with relevant facts, in good faith and in the best interest of the Network.

(iii)      Establish relationships with fellow focal points on the CC within the framework of solidarity, mutual respect and trust.

(iv)      Perform their Network functions with sensitivity and tact and keep strictly confidential all information designated as confidential.

(v)       Strive to have and maintain professional and respectful relations with other focal points and the Chair, GEF Secretariat and Council members.

(vi)       Not use his or her position and/or the network’s resources for either personal or political gain.

(vii)      Maintain the highest standards of transparency and accountability.

1.5       When issuing reports or public statements or when giving interviews to the media, take all reasonable steps to ensure that the information is accurate.

1.6       Avoid engaging in any activities which will lead to a conflict between the Network and it’s (in the case of an organization) or his or her (in the case of an individual) interests.

1.7       Refrain from accepting an inappropriate financial interest in any network transaction, whether by way of compensation, commission, gifts or otherwise.

1.8        Desist from abusing their position or role in the Network or act in an inappropriate manner or in a way which may bring the organization into disrepute.

1.9.      Abstain from making any claim for expenses or payment that is not supported by documented costs or work undertaken.

Key Tasks for GEF CSO Network members

Member organizations of the GEF CSO Network are :

2.1       Entitled to participate in determining the strategic direction and work program of the GEF CSO Network. Develop, participate in and support appropriate activities in the best interest of the GEF CSO Network.

2.2       Encouraged to communicate on a regular basis with registered members of the Network to share intellectual and technical information and updates on the business of the GEF and the GEF CSO Network.

2.3       Encouraged to share, where appropriate, their experiences in involvement with GEF-related activities and promote the Network with other members of the Network.

2.4       Eligible to vote for Regional Focal Points (RFPs) to represent them in the GEF CSO Network Coordination Committee and function as the coordinator for regional activities.

2.5       Entitled to raise any issues or concerns related to the Network to their respective IPFP, RFP or the Chair

2.6       Not able to make any claims to represent the Network unless specifically authorized to do so by the Coordination Committee or the Chair.


If any organization or individual violates the GEF CSO Network Code of Conduct, it/he/she shall be liable for disciplinary action by the Coordination Committee of the GEF CSO Network.  Actions may include warnings, disciplinary actions and termination. The decisions of the Coordination Committee shall be final and binding.